Monday, August 09, 2004

Parties, Parties, Parties.

"I don't believe in the Republican or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties" - These words were immortalised by Samantha Jones on Sex and The City. And boy, was I feeling these words the past few days! Was out at Mox on Friday night with my some of my friends and drank ourselves silly (as always). Thereafter, headed down to a straight joint, Mdm Wong's cos some of the, ermm.. "girls" wanted to check the crowd out. Drank even more there.. between the 4 of us, we must have had a bottle of wine each, and thats NOT including endless glasses of double-shot vodka cranberry at Mox!
Then, I had the most bizarre experience at Mdm Wong's. Some straight guy, (if you'd been to the club, you'd know that they only cater to the straight demographic) actually chatted me up at the bar! Ok, before you dismiss this as wishful thinking on my part, it is not just a "brudder-brudder" thing. He actually bought me a drink and exchanged numbers, in between this he was also getting a ermm... how do I put it without shocking your hetero sensitivity..ok, a little touchy-feely. So, me being the beacon of propriety, suggested that we spare his fellow heteros the eyesore and move on to Taboo. Now, don't get your knickers in a twist, nothing happened thereafter, we just stayed at Tabs for a bit, before parting ways. Afterall, we just met and I couldn't possibly let anything happen, could I? :)
On Sunday, 8th Aug, came the big kahuna of a party... Nation 2004! Initially, I had some reservations about going, but as with the previous Nations, all it took was some last-minute cajoling and I'd be fretting about what to wear. Let it be said.. Nation 2004 was fucking fabulous! My friends and I avoided the main dance area and just partied around the water fountains, as well as watching the boys go by. And man, were the boys yummy. Drank a bottle of red before the event and shit-loads of E33 there. So was suitably pissed and generally partying my ass off till 5 in the morning. Got introduced to my other friend's friends too.. and some of them are really quite yummy..hmm.... I could have 'em for breakfast!
And tonight, am gonna head to Zouk. The post-Nation recovery party. "Recovery" basically gives us the excuse to party on a Monday and further send our livers into overdrive - as if Nation didn't do enough! Another party to go to, let it never end!


Blogger Melvyn said...

wah so happening..

I didn't seem to enjoy myself as much 2yrs ago at the same event, although that was when I got acquainted with my ex-ex-bf. Ackz long story...

Must ask you more about the party when I see you again hah!

Me spent my 8Aug stranded on sheare's bridge due to massive traffic standstill.. still, I got to see the fireworks display over the Singapore River from a unique position - the curbside of the highway haha.

August 10, 2004 at 9:17 AM  

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