Monday, August 02, 2004

Random Musings #3

Haven't posted the past week. Was following the 2004 Democratic Convention on CNN. It was really impressive, like a rock concert of sorts. Kind of like, one of those Charismatic Christian Sunday services. All very glammed up, glossed over and packaged. High point for me was when John Kerry's wife, Teresa told a reporter to "shove it" in response to his badgering. This woman has got balls of steel. I like John Kerry, I mean any guy who is able to put up with as forceful and upfront a person as Teresa Heinz Kerry, ought to be a real nice guy. Also watched tonnes of tennis. Kudos to StarSports for their great live coverage. Another victory by Roger Federer over Andy Roddick. Great classy performance by Federer.. Roddick wasn't even close. With all the time in the world in between watching the coverage of the Convention and tennis, I started thinking about things. Relationships, in particular.
Relationships are tricky things. I mean, the coming of 2 persons (hopefully, its just 2) can give rise to a whole lot of trouble. 2 fundamentally different and unique individuals, you can bet your last dollar that there'd problems, problems, problems. The past week, I got into thinking, just how hard it is to, at 22, be able to settle down with someone and to be able to see a future with that person. Really. What. Are. The. Chances? This is just an age-old question, isn't it? My older and maybe wiser friends tell me that, logically-speaking, at 22 it's gonna be a long-shot at "happily ever after". And the disturbing thing is, I actually believe them.
Which leads me to doing really silly and irresponsible things. Like putting an expiry date on it. If someone is gonna put an expiry date on his relationship, that's just exactly what would happen. The whole damned thing would indeed, expire. I don't know if it's a matter of not having enough optimism, or am I being realistic about my chances? I fancy myself as a level-headed, pragmatic person. And from this angle, I sincerely do think that the odds are stacked and at this point in time, I'm just not sure anymore if it's worth the trouble and risk.


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