Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Random Musings #4

And so it is finished. The rounds of partying through the long weekend is over with the Recovery party at Zouk last night. The DJ spinned great stuff last night.. pity that the Moets were not one for one. After the 3 days of clubbing, so here I sit, feeling just a tad lost. I think circuit parties are like going on an E-trip (or so I've been told, hehe). After the extreme highs that you experience, once the party is over, you just plummet down. For me, nothing that abysmal but it just left me with the question: "So bloody what?" Make no mistake about it, I had fun. Tremendous fun. But I can't help but wonder, what now till the next party? And contrary to what people think, I don't live to party. Heaven forbid I wind up as a circuit queen. Which will NOT happen, I assure you. :)

Anyways, after the party which ended at about the time when the hetero half of Singapore gets up to get ready for work, I had my usual packet of vegetarian noodles from the market. J and I, after mahjong, clubbing or whatever, would always frequent this same stall and ask for extra crispy gluten. But today, after 3 days of clubs packed with sweaty boys and nothing still from J after 3 weeks, having the noodles just didn't feel the same. No, I'm not whining. It's too early to know if there's any cause to whine for as yet, but was just in a contemplative mood this morning. But I'm a stickler for looking at the bright side of things when it comes to relationships so which ever way it goes, I'm sure all would be just fine.

Well, school starts tomorrow. And it lasts for all of 2 hours. I mean, the journey taken to travel to NUS and back is about the same duration as my lecture. But it'd be nice to check out the new freshmen. I hope that'd finally liven up my lunch hour at the canteen. I know that there's always a silver lining somewhere. :)


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