Friday, September 10, 2004

Take A Chance On Me

Another heartwrenching semi-final loss for Capriati. 2nd consecutive year that she lost such a close match at the US Open semis. Just a matter of a few points. The disappointment must be harrowing. A few errant shots here, a few bad decisions made, and it was over. She was totally unable to convert on her break-points (where one would win the opponent's service game), chances that slipped past her at least a dozen times.

Chance after chance, when would we be able to capitalise on these crucial moments and make the best out of it? How many times do we have to allow chances to slip past us, before staring down at defeat? How many chances have we got before our friends give up on us from being too weary of helping us pick up the pieces of our shattered selves? How many chances before those whom we love and care for turn away from us? How many chances before our conscience and emotions catch up with us, or worse, become numb? How many chances before, we, become shattered irrepairably?

Just how many chances?


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