Saturday, October 02, 2004

Something To Remember

"Guess I'm waiting for a place in the sun
Wish I had the chance to know you,
When it wasn't stormy weather.
What a shame, but who's to blame?" - (From "Something to Remember" by Madonna)

1. Bumping into one another at Centro and around town circa 2002.
2. Stunted and silly conversation on my part when numbers were exchanged.
3. Ah boy and his perpetual manja-ness.
4. Bukit Panjang flat with its familiar and comfortable 'stench'
5. HQMC Library on Fridays till 9pm and HQMC Archives. :)
6. Sticking it out on our KL trip when we got stranded in the middle of the expressway in Johor.
7. Mahjong and how it reduces us to delirium when we try to concentrate at 5am.
8. FBMs.
9. Watching Sex and the City over and over again.
10. The many lows we had and how, at the end of the day, to me, it all still seemed to be worth it.


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